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Meet Indy's first co-learning space! Arrows Learning Academy is excited to announce our newest venture to open a co-learning program space! This program will empower our students (K-12) to become self-directed learners, build collaborative skills, and explore their passions through a dynamic co-learning experience. A space that provides both a vibrant and youth-driven learning environment. Beautifully equipped with resources, technology, and mentorship to support personalized learning journeys. By fostering inclusiveness, collaboration, exploration, and ownership, Arrows Learning Academy Co-Learning Program commissions our youth to become active participants in their education, community, and future. 

We hope to open our new learning space in the 2026-2027 academic school year.

Donate to Our Co-Learning Space Capital Fund

Thank you! Together we make a difference!

Arrows Learning Academy Co-Learning Space Mock-up (3).png
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