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 As a guide, your job would be to supervise students, interact with students, and ensure safety. Guides act like mentors to the students allowing them to pioneer their learning with the safety of a trusted adult . Guides should be focused on building strong relationships and community among our learners and families! This position is crucial to us keeping a 6 students/ 1 staff member ratio. Guides may work on certain days if they wish as long as it’s the same days each week and fits our program needs. 

Examplars are have the same job function as guides. The difference in postion is that examplars are students ages 14-17 old. 

Weekdays: Mondays-Thursdays 10am-2pm

Saturdays: 12pm-4pm.

After-School: Mondays-Fridays 3pm-6pm

Class Teacher In-Person/Online

$180/mn/per class

Are you interested in passing on your knowledge or passion to the next generation?  If so, you may be a great fit for this postion! Class Teacher instruct a small group of students in any subject. 

There is no true restriction on ideas for a class. Try thinking of something out of the box for class ideas. Class teachers set their own schedule, can be offered online or in person, can offer as many classes or subjects as they would like that fit our program needs, as long as each class follows the 1-2-1 format listed below. 

1-2-1 Class format:

  • 1 hour long

  • 2 separate sessions (different students will be in each session)  that meet weekly

  • 1 session that meets on 1 Saturday during the each month 

  • This is a commitment of 9 hours a month if you want to offer one course.

  • Course must last 9 weeks or 18 weeks 

  • Maximum Class Sizes: 

         Elementary Ages-10 students

         Middle/High School-15 students


Are you a licensed therapist? We would love for you to push into our program and offer your services to our students and families! 


Are you interested in other ways to get involved. Our program thrives off of volunteers that are willing to give their time to help out, host a club or team, or chapereon on field trips. Please fill out the form below and we will reach out to get you plugged in to our program! 

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